A Look at the Numerous Benefits of Call Logging

Call Logging is often confused with Call recording. The latter is the process of recording calls for training and compliance purposes. The former is a process that collects call data and analyzes it. It is used worldwide by all the major business telephone systems. They use call logs for collecting phone-call data and analyzing it. It is used for several reasons and is incorporated in most business telephone systems across the world.

Telephone Call logs have several benefits. Some of them are as follows:

Monitor Costs: The call logs can be used to analyze the cost of calls made by various departments. You can even take call logs by individuals and analyze whether the calls were made for business or personal purposes. You can monitor the call costs from various extensions or departments, and if company phone is being used for inappropriate purposes, you can take corrective actions.

Capacity Management: It can be used to identify the extensions that are unused and extensions that are over used. This process is known as capacity management. You can get rid of the unused extensions and install extra capacity for the overused extensions. These ways by studying call patterns you can save cost where saving is possible and provide extra capacity where it is required.

Performance Management: The call log data can be used to analyze the performance of an individual. They show how much time did an individual take for answering a call, how long did the call last, did he put the customer on hold, how long was the call hold time, number of calls answered, number of calls abandoned, etc. This way you can identify whether your staff is doing his work diligently or not.

The call log data can be compared to targets to assess whether a company is being as productive as it possibly can. If targets are not being met, actions such as further training or discipline can be implemented.

Increase productivity: Your Company can create checklists on the basis of call log data. Several details such as the number of calls answered, number of no answers, average call duration (incoming), longest call duration (incoming), average ring time, longest ring time, total call duration (incoming), etc can be incorporated as various parameters in the checklists. Each parameter can be assigned positive and negative marks. This can be done to promote positive behavior and discourage negative behavior. A Sum of all parameters can be taken to create a list that shows the performance ranking of all agents. Such lists or reports can be published and shared with the agents. They can be used to motivate them to increase their productivity. It can be even used as base for incentive management system.

Training Need Analysis: The results of call logs can be used for training need analysis. Trainings can be conducted for agents who take a long time answer the calls, place customers on long holds or have a large number of abandoned calls.

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