Do We Need A Marketing or Advertising Agency, Or Do We Need Both?

Do We Need A Marketing or Advertising Agency, Or Do We Need Both?

It's a sure bet that the average person on the street is not all that sure what the difference is between marketing and advertising. Both are seen as a vehicle to get the word out about your firm or organization or you, which would be quite right. But the two are very different, and if you have a company or organization fortunate enough to have one or both, it is vital that you know what you need most.

Advertising is, at its core, a persuasive message of a product to potential customers. Marketing, on the other hand, is the systematic planning and implementation of activities geared to bring together buyers and sellers for the mutually advantageous exchange of those products.

In many ways, advertising is just one component of marketing. There is public relations, media planning, product pricing etc., as well as things such as distribution, market research and so on. All of these parts, when taken as a whole, represent a comprehensive marketing effort.

Thing is, knowing the difference and doing your own market research is what's needed to know whether you need one or the other – or both.

It's a little confusing because most of us know when we need a plumber. The faucet links, the toilet blows up. Call a plumber. When you have a company or organization and whatever product you are selling needs exposure, advertising agencies can help with that. Or is that marketing? What they normally do is advertise your product in traditional media such as TV, radio, magazines and newspapers.

Now what marketing does it take that exposure and figure out a plan to make it part of society's fabric with a full service effort that continues to communicate the product message even after the radio ad is no longer on the air. That is done by pushing the brand identity, sometimes creating a website, staging events to get the word out, doing direct mail, sending out newsletters and the like. With this comes a wide range of communications tools and tactics that are often customized to your business goals.

With marketing, the goals are:
• Gaining new customers.
• Increasing revenue
• Developing new markets
• Enhancing current customer relationships

All this is done with a customized plan of attack, and all with the idea that brands must be enhanced and a consistent message that clearly communicates the importance of the brand can grow with your business.

Deciding on advertising or marketing – or both – is a decision each business must make. It has a lot to do with your available resources. All in all, it is important that the creative aspects of your business have the look and feel of the image your desire. Usually this is accomplished with a tag team effort between marketing and advertising units.

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