Get Hosted Unified Communications to Improve Your Business Communication

Get Hosted Unified Communications to Improve Your Business Communication

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, companies are forever on the lookout for technologies that streamline business operations and increase the overall efficiency and productivity. Business communication is a sphere where efficiency is most desirable. Over the years, there has been a proliferation of communication devices, and the use of disparate tools by people can often lead to complications in interaction between them.

Unified communications has come up as the ideal solution to such complexities. It is a solution that brings the different communication systems, applications and tools into a single system. By streamlining the diverse media and applications like telephone, email, fax, instant messaging, white-boarding, audio/video/web conferencing, etc. on to a simplified common platform, this integrating technology allows efficient exchange of information between participants who may be based in different locations.

The improved communication made possible by the system has attracted many businesses to make use of it. Several service providers have entered the market offering hosted unified communications, whereby the company using their services is freed from the need of maintaining the required hardware or software. The hosted solutions are especially beneficial for small/medium businesses that can save on time, money and effort while enjoying efficient communication systems. The key advantages offered by these hosted solutions include:

  • The integration of employees’ computer applications with phone of the front desk executive in the SMB’s has simplified his/her work to a great extent.
  • Switching between fixed and mobile communication devices has become easy. By simply pressing a key, you can continue unbroken conversation/interaction. This makes it convenient to engage in multitasking and maintain your productivity even from out of office. Remote working has also become very much feasible with the system.
  • Hosted unified communications assures you of continuous connectivity. With their back-up arrangements, the service providers give you uninterrupted access to your employees, clients and associates.
  • The solutions make it easy to manage the information in different communication applications from a single device like a phone.
  • Business travel has been greatly reduced as unified communications make it easy to arrange web and video conferencing. You can conduct training sessions and hold meetings even between participants who are separated by huge geographical distances.
  • If your business occasionally needs to handle high volume calls and requires more phone lines, your service provider can easily arrange that.

If a small/medium business has a long-term vision for success, it must utilize hosted unified communications and simplify their communication system. By taking up this technology architecture, businesses have been observed to experience increased operational efficiency productivity and cost savings, and better business resilience.

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