How Do I Use the Same Phone Line for Two Businesses?

How Do I Use the Same Phone Line for Two Businesses?

Companies across the UK often use 0845 numbers for business purposes, including representing two or multiple companies consistently with one phone line.

08 numbers are the perfect solution if you need to use the same phone line across two businesses.

Business numbers & location

These set of business numbers are well established within the market. Since their launch over 20 years ago, they have managed to build up a renowned reputation of being the best choice for businesses.

They are known and credited for not assigning a phone number to a particular location, allowing local businesses to accredit themselves nationally.

These non-geographic numbers (NGN) reassure customers of a company's credibility and minimise the possibility of a consumer judging an organization due to its location. These are often trusted by the public as they perceive the number that they are calling to be based in the UK.

Two businesses, one phone line

In terms of setting up a 0845 number this is very easy to do due to the virtual nature of these numbers. Rather than installing and setting up a completely new phone line which traditional phone numbers would need, 0845 numbers assign themselves to an existing phone line and will sit on top of your existing number.

Therefore, a customer can continue to call your existing number for one business and now can also call your 0845 number for another business. All calls can now come through to the same place which can be either a landline or a mobile.

Businesses can also purchase a service called 'Call Whisper' alongside their 0845 number, allowing them to know who the call is for when they receive it.

0845 benefits

This is not the only benefit attached to this group of numbers. They are also extremely adaptable, allowing you to change the 'target' phone line that you reroute calls to at any time. This gives businesses choice and flexibility if they need it in the future.

Companies when purchasing a 0845 number are buying the rights to this number and can have it for life if they want it.

Moreover, these numbers improve the visibility of a company as they are instantly recognisable, helping to improve the chance of your business phone number being remembered by your clients. This makes these numbers a great marketing tool for new start-ups or existing businesses looking to break into a certain sector or area.


For SMEs and other organizations, 0845 numbers present themselves as a cost-effective alternative to other more pricey numbers; Providing customers and companies with an alternative to 0871 and 0844 numbers -explaining why many corporations choose to use them.

The perfect solution

0845 numbers present themselves as a perfect solution for organizations, providing convenient and flexible features especially if they need to use one phone line for two businesses.

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