How God Communicates With Us

How God Communicates With Us

We have been taught that the Supreme Being and Great Creator can not communicate with us. That is false and many are in receipt of instructions and messages through their lives. This opposes religious teaching which has deafened everyone who believes their claims. The desire of most who believe in God wants a relationship but they are denied it because it was meant to be according to the plan at work from the beginning.

For God has poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and has closed your eyes … “ Isaiah 29:10

The purpose was to allow the one with the number 666 to do his stuff and for the world to become a place of evil and corruption, which is what it is today. After my reincarnation and with a link to the Spirit the plan was made known to me so that the job given can be completed. That is to open the door of communication between the spiritual people and the Spirit of the Universe, the real God.

This is not how most would think of God because religion has confused the issue so much. The bible is a very polluted document and people turn to it for advice on how to listen to their maker and get help when required.

The organizations stand in their way because they can charge for their claim to connect on the behalf of them. It only works when people are blind to reality. Ignorance is the weapon leaders use to gain control over the population. They then spin stories and teach fear in order to keep their audience and control their lives.

For those who are spiritual and 'tuned in' to the little voice within they hear the messages given to them. There is no requirement for an intercessor because God does communicate directly with its own people.

The conditions in which we live was meant to strengthen those in the spirit so they will come away from the lies and turn to the one they are connected with. We have all reincarnated and are back in our bodies for the last days, as promised in prophecies. It is for that reason that the earth's population has suddenly swelled to such a high number.

There is a falling away from the establishment as seen now on a global scale. There are already riots and rebellions against governments and we are on the brink of a major devastating war. When that is over we are promised that only the spiritual people who have that communication with God and remain true to it will survive.

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