How To Land A Well-Paying Job

How To Land A Well-Paying Job

In the beginning I went the route that was the most convenient. I searched through all the help wanted ads for those with telephone numbers and called, but soon I realized I was doomed. It was indeed frustrating. More than 97% of human resource (HR) managers request resumes when hiring and they are flooded with resumes. And when the phone numbers are advertised, they are even more bombarded with calls from people that do or don't have resumes. It was just not working.

So I finally got to it and wrote a resume. I got called down for interviews and was offered starter's wage. But I was experienced, and my pay I was getting at my other job was way higher. So I tweaked it here and there many, many, many times, with several interviews and calls in-between. 'Till finallly! I got called down for an interview where I was offered a wage substantially higher than my previous salary and a position that was perfect for me. I turned down the offer.

What I did acquire from this experience is a keen understanding of what bosses look for in resumes and how to develop such a resume.

Some basics your resume should include:

  1. Always note that you know computers.
  2. If you took courses related to the job you're applying for, don't forget to mention it.
  3. Should you be certified, write it somewhere in the beginning of your resume. This should help multiply your value (read wage ).

There's more than just a resume. To do well at an interview, follow these fundamental guidelines.

1) According to the books, you don't sit down unless the boss tells you to. (In most cases the boss doesn't know this. Use your own judgment.)

2) Boss talks first, when prompted to ask it's your chance to talk.

3) Your selling yourself. Be confident; you know and can do everything, when you really don't- “I'm a quick learner I'll get it in no time,” should do. Or look for the details that are involved and point out what you could do.

4) If asked why you're changing jobs, refrain from talking negatively on people or experiences you encountered. Let him know that you want to be promoted and this you consider a good advancement, or the like.

It is important to start making connections when you are looking for a job. Today resumes are the going thing. Jump start right away with a resume, move on to making in person connections and phone calls. Resumes are first in importance today because eventually Human Resource Managers end up asking for resumes even if you contacted him / her in another fashion.

And don't forget to comply with the basic interview rules.

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