Is One Who Speaks the Truth a Loose Cannon?

Is One Who Speaks the Truth a Loose Cannon?

Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a loose cannon so the definition of such is warranted. It appears to be someone who acts in an uncontrolled or unexpected way and says things that cause embarrassment or problems for others. The question is does it apply to someone who tells the truth, such as a whistle-blower? Does it also apply to teachers who know something their students do not and who is compelled to inform them?

These are things crossing my mind as my work for the Spirit has led me to blow the whistle on things like heaven and hell, which many believe in and most expect to get to, at least to the former. So what should one do about revealing things not known or accepted by the majority.

Suppose one has knowledge of a great crime that people do not know about or suspect. Revealing it will obviously hurt a lot of people and damage the livelihoods of many. Does one reveal it or hide it? It seems to be a consensus of opinion that one should not make waves so this means one is compelled to say nothing, like the three wise monkeys. When it affects societies and the lives and expectations of so many, however, why can not it be brought out into the open?

That brings me back to my work in the Spirit which ordered me to remove the wall of blindness that religions have built and strengthened until none one can circumvent or pass through them. Because of my passage from life to life and a strong link to the Spirit certain things are known about how and why the world is in the dire straits we now find ourselves in.

Everyone is back and it is stated in prophecy that this would happen before the end. Religions, however, have twisted them around to make out that we would all resurrect in the last days for judgment. It does not make sense if we die and go to a place called heaven. In fact, there is nothing about religion that makes any sense, especially images of gods and idols hidden by the prophecies and manufactured in their millions for money.

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