Online Scheduler – Triple Savings for Your Medical Office

Online Scheduler – Triple Savings for Your Medical Office

Today's technology has given us many innovations unheard-of before but is vital in today's pace of modern life. An online scheduler installed in medical or in health care offices is one example of an important upgrade to the old style of person-based office work that can be automated.

With a computer-based scheduler that works as an appointment scheduler and also as an automated medical receptionist working 24/7, your understaffed office can benefit in more ways than can be seen. These come in the form of several savings.

With an automated scheduler, your personnel can work more by attending to your patients' needs instead of attending to the phone. It can handle the appointment scheduling as well as servicing as an appointment reminder, whether to your medical patients or to clients of your health care facility. Your office manpower is then utilized more efficiently.

Moreover, your virtual assistant can search as well as set appointments with your clients (if yours is a healthcare facility) or patients (if it is a medical clinic). It can forward their calls to your emergency contact numbers or relay to voicemails (if it is non-emergency) on request. In effect, this is a low-cost office front desk back-up receptionist.

Web-based assistant

With an interface that is web-based, your assistant utilizes a state-of-the-art speech recognition application that gives it a natural language interacting facility with clients and patients. (It supports English, Spanish, French and Chinese languages.) The design is HIPPA compliant and it has a strict security and privacy protection.

It can take in patients 'and clients' phone calls, in a natural language dialogue with a modern visual design that is user-friendly even for non-technical people. It also supports shared practice scheduling for multiple doctors, and other health care professionals like chiropractors, psychologists, dentists, and others.

Efficient and reliable

Your online scheduler stores very detailed logs on the reminder calls, the cancellations, and no-shows the entire time since its installation. You can always customize it to your own needs and other preferences suited to your office.

The other features include 24-hour appointment freeze to check on the unjustified cancellation of appointments, reminder logs, cancellation and re-schedule logs, and individual patient service suspension. It can synchronize your appointment information with Google Calendar so you can manage them with any handheld device. A single word text message can open your appointments.


For starters, the savings you acquire can be computed from the data that the monthly fee of your scheduler is equivalent the cost of one no-show. With this assistant in place, expect more savings with the reduction of no-shows from patients and turn around your losses in revenues.

The other intangible savings using an online scheduler is the reduction of menial tasks by your office personnel, thereby streamlining valuable manpower to better use (attending the patients and clients). Productivity is also increased with the elimination of redundant tasks.

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