Printing in the New Age

Printing in the New Age

Every time you flip through the book you are reading, do you ever think how much effort went into it? The printing that you peruse has been made possible by centuries of inventing and perfecting.

Printing in the ancient world
Since man discovered how to make images with dye or ink on any surface, he has expressed himself either by making different and unique patterns as the ancient man who drew with various things like charcoal on stone or carved in wood. Later when languages ​​were formed and alphabets were made, the written word was written to communicate with others. Short messages were printed by hand or by an instrument like the pen; well not exactly but a wooden piece with a smaller point which was probably used to write.

The interesting part of life is that everything you see today has a story behind it. Did you know that the first printing press was invented by a German inventor Johannes Gutenberg in 1440?

The first printed works
The first thing that Gutenberg printed on his new printing press in 1446 was the 'Poem of the last Judgment'. This revolutionized the way printing was done and the number of printed books and magazines increased almost overnight.

Circulation of ideas
Printing is one of the most significant advancements in the human struggle to freely circulate ideas and keep the information flow uninterrupted.

Printing in Modern Times
Today, printing is not what it was when it all began in Gutenberg's workshop. By the printing standards of the modern times, Gutenberg's printing process actually will seem not only slow but also tedious. Type was arranged by hand by compositors; the most out of them all could manage only 2,000 characters or letters in an hour. In today's age a computer can put together the same or more number of letters or characters within two seconds. Hence it is no surprise that today there are more words being printed in a second than could have been printed in a year during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Your first printed work
The novel that you wrote when you were in college is still lying in your files. You never had the guts or the money to splurge on a book that probably would never earn you revenue. But you know what now you can still become a novelist of sorts and tell your friends that you have a book in your name. You may not make it to New York Times bestseller list, but you could have the pleasure of seeing your work in print with your name on the cover. That's how convenient and cost effective printing is today.

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