Sound As a Builder and Destroyer

Sound As a Builder and Destroyer


The creation of our solar system arose from the sacred WORD, uttered by the solar Logos. Sound can either build or destroy. As sound builds, it does so in spirals. These spirals can be observed in nature for one with a keen eye. The etheric double which surrounds the gross physical body, for example, is ovoid, which originates from a spiral motion of sound which produces it. Sound rings forms into manifestation. Gentle vibrations build and smooth and calm while violent vibrations destroy, break up and shatter forms. The arrangement of leaves on a trig also forms spirals. And, so do the tides of the ocean form into spirals, as they ebb and flow against the beachheads. The universal nautilus and that “listening” shell you find on the beach are both spiral in formation. Rocks, which have been formed by the gentle motion of water smooth out in a somewhat rounded form towards its ultimate spiral formation.


Since sound is so universal and so important in our solar system, it behooves each of us to take conscious notice of sounds in our daily lives. For those who can hear it, there is a constant hum hear in our surrounding world. Some occultists refer it to the ubiquitous OM of our system which sustains all of Life and Existence on this planet. This sound is ever present anywhere in the world and at any time of day or night. It never goes away, and fortunately if it did, our solar system would automatically disappear.

Consider how sound grates upon or smooths our nervous systems. Music can calm or excite the nervous system. Classical music rotates between these two so as to create a contrast in sound. Artists choose their colors between dark and light so as to catch the eye and avoid plainness.

Singers also apply this change in vibrations from soft to loud to create variation and avoid monotony, as do drummers. The beat of the human heart does likewise so as to continuously send out and retrieve the blood via the arteries and the veins. It beats at a constant rhythm if healthy and can destroy if out of harmony. There is a constant rhythm in our solar system which controls the harmony of our system. Nature performed through a harmonious evolutionary rhythm of creation and destruction. Civilizations, creatures come and go. It is only man that creates disharmony in our system.

The human voice can smooth or agitate our nervous system. Loud voices or harsh verbal vibrations grate our nerves, while soft vocalizations calm and harmonize. It all depends on the vibrations created by our voices. Notice that when we become angry or agitated how our voices rise, until we end up screaming at each other. This only trains to drive us apart from each other as we wish to escape from such cacophonous sounds. Lovey, cooy, embracing sounds come in whispers of love and compassion.

Our large, bustling, ever thriving and constantly in motion cities can not but result in disharmonious sounds Each sound grates against another and to find any harmony we must retreat to the gentle sounds of nature and the countryside. That is why there is no much friction, crime, distrust, hatred and prejudice in larger cities with which we are continuously confronted. That is why our fragile nervous systems are constantly breaking down. Mental illness is constantly growing in our society at a time when it is less funded and more befuddling to those who would try to counteract the destruction to our mental health.

At the time of our deaths, the need is for quietness and calmness and not the wailing and carrying on by the bereaved. The dying person needs low vibrations to surround his deathbed so as he or she can concentrate on making the transition to the afterlife, and not be distracted by this worldly chaos. And, cremation, vibratory fire, destroys the physical aspects of our being much faster than burial and will one day become the number one choice. Any diseases we might carry in our physical bodies are quickly destroyed rather than buried in the earth to arise anew in more destructive forms later. Right thinking is always necessary but such thinking must be translated into action and behavior.


As the occultists say, we each create our own environments, minute to minute, just as we create our own lifestyles, both immediate and long range by the sounds we emit. The consequences in our present lives as well as life after death and in our next incarnations on this planet are created by the sounds we make. Thought forms, which we are constantly making, are also energy vibrations and like sound proper, have calming or agitating outcomes. Thoughts of anger, jealously, greed and revenge create strong vibrations and can if harsh enough lead to devastations of various kinds. Gentle thoughts of tenderness, compassion and love generate mild vibrations and are embracing and enhancing human relations.

This is where the importance of self control of our thoughts, emotions, and behavior one towards the other has such profound consequences, for either desirable or undesirable situations. And, it is up to each of us to learn those controls. Just as individual relationships are governed by the sounds we create so it is between nations. Distrust, harsh words and thoughts of one nation towards another another result in the same type disharmonious relationships.

Goodwill, altruism, universal brotherhood arises from and depends upon what we think and say in our daily intercourses. Or, the reverse of hatred, prejudices, and ill-will which we also can create. The choice is a constant individual one and at base depends upon what what we have assumed personal responsibility for our small part in how our world progresses. It all depends upon sound.

In all things created, the “ingredients” we put into the product determine the final outcome. Society and nations are made up of its citizens, and a society is no better than the general character of the people that make up the population. Until each of us assume our individual share of enhancing our own character and controlling the sounds we create no societal change for the betterment of the human race can result. And, it all depends upon the sounds we make which manifest as daily actions.

The End

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