Top Cheap Tablet Deals

Top Cheap Tablet Deals

As competition in the market for tablets becomes stiffer, the prices have to come down. This is a godsend for the consumers. They are like the cat that sits down to watch as two juicy rats tear at each other's necks in a grueling rat fight. Either way, it is the consumer that stands to benefits as manufacturers around the globe strive to make more affordable tablets.

The Kindle Fire HD 16 GB

You can purchase this tablet at an amazingly affordable price. Wherever you prefer to shop, it is always advantageous to keep an eye out for discount offers. Such offers usually run for a limited time. This tablet version was released in early 2013. It has a powerful processor and is slightly smaller than its predecessor the 2012 version. When looking for a cheaper deal, it is always advisable to go for older versions. The 2012 Kindle fire is slightly larger and has a less powerful processor. If you are willing to spend slightly more money, you could consider purchasing the latest tablet version released in November- the Kindle Fire HDX.

The Tesco Direct

You can use three codes to pay less when purchasing Tesco tablets. To get about 10 percent off the purchase prices on various products, you could use the codes TDX-KW3Q, TDX-CP4D and TDX-GQ9X. You could purchase the iPad air using code TDX-KW3Q. The Google Nexus 7 can be purchased using code TDX-CP4D and iPad mini using code TDX-GQ9X.

The Asus Google Nexus 7

This 7 inch tablet has plenty of storage space and high specification. With a model that has 16GB, the Google Nexus is the Apple iPad mini's big rival.

The Tesco Hudl

This is a cheap small screen tablet of 7 inches. This tablet has many similarities with the iPad mini but is much cheaper. The Tesco Hudl is available in many retail outlets and can be purchased from numerous online vendors. This gadget is a cheaper version that is more basic compared to other tablets. Its storage capacity is limited to 16GB. It has the ability to be expanded to 48 GB using a micro SD card.

The Nook HD

This 7 inch tablet has a small screen. This 7 inch Nook is a HD tablet that is cheaper than most tablets on the market. Despite its low price, it always receives positive reviews. Its features are mainly basic so if you are looking for something functional, this is a great pick.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

The Samsung Galaxy is singlehandedly deemed to be the iPad's biggest rival. You can save a lot of money if you decide to purchase this tablet. The 10.1 inch tablet is a great bargain for its size. There are many outlets where you can go to purchase this 16 GB gadget. If you are in the mood to save more cash, you could opt for the 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. At a screen size of 7 inches, it rivals the Google Nexus and the iPad mini. Despite it slightly smaller storage space of 8 GB, its value is every penny worth of what it costs.

The other cheap tablet in the market is the Sony Xperia Tablet Z. At 10.1 inches, this tablet is regarded as Sony's most popular market offering. Its storage capacity is 16GB. Its price is a little less than the iPad Air. Reviews indicate that its performance is slightly beneath that of the iPad mini's.

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