Two Way Radios Enhance Church Safety

Security is topic for churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship as more violence takes place within their walls. Balancing the need for security without upsetting the peaceful environment is challenging but necessary. Security experts have recommended everything from armed security personnel to metal detectors. I submit that two way radios are an essential piece for any security plan. Two way radios provide additional benefits for the facility as well.

There are three key uses for two way radios in an emergency. They include safety, crowd management, and prevention. There isn't a tool available for purchase which prevent random acts of violence. Responding to the incident is critical to prevent additional violence and to providing assistance.

Two way radios are the only tool which allows for instant communication during an emergency. Two way radios are the most effective tool at managing people and expectations during emergency response and two way radios are an effective tool at de-escalating the situation by providing the ability to give some advance warning of the situation and preventing additional violence.

Two way radios will also be used by the facility to improve guest experiences and to improve productivity amongst the staff. During events, two way radios will be used to coordinate seating, adjust sound and lighting, and for effective crowd control. During the week, two way radios can be used by staff to better coordinate activities around campus. From Maintenance to the Pastoral Staff, it is common for folks to be spread throughout the campus. Two way radios make it easy to locate staff members across campus.

Don't overspend on two way radios. You can find two way radios or walkie talkies as inexpensive as $ 30 a pair at discount stores. You can also find two way radios that run $ 500 per radio. Two way radios should be selected based on the size of the building first. Consumer radios aren't recommended at all as you'll be competing for space with kids and truck drivers making private communication almost impossible. 1-2 watt business two way radios will work in a facility the size of a Super Walmart. 4-5 Watt two way radios are best for large facilities covering a city block.

Hopefully you've learned a little bit more about how two way radios will work in your environment. Two way radios are an excellent safety tool and will provide years of trouble free service. Two way radios are easy to implement and easier to use.

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